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"I love everything about PM ..." - Jason McKerron (Haycom).

Haycom are one of the leading corporate AV events companies in Australia. I handle all crewing for our NSW Office.

Crewing is quite a time consuming job that sometimes requires attention 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Clients change times that crew are required to start or crew call in sick, etc.

My job is to interface between clients and crew. This used to be done via spreadsheets, phone calls, text messages and white boards.

Since switching to Personnel Manager around 18 months ago, I now have a portable solution that allows me to access and change all crew information as long as I have internet access. I have even used my mobile phone to access it if nothing else is available.

A lot of my crew are busy operating shows most days so my phone calls would get overlooked as their phones would normally be on silent. Now with PM, they get a text message and simply reply with three digits and a "Y" for yes or "N" for no. How easy is that? Then at 4pm the afternoon before the job, they get a reminder text message with details of the next day's job.

I love everything about PM from the automation to the regular updates right though to Jacqui and Dave who help me with phone support.

Jason McKerron
Crew Co-ordinator

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"PM cannot be beaten and we couldn't operate without it ..."
- Joseph Smith (Lippsinc Entertainment).

Personnel Manager (PM) is an integral part of how we run Lippsinc Entertainment. The system enables us to keep a track of staff, bookings, quotes, invoices and clients all in the one package. PM allows us to keep track of multiple bookings without having to make multiple phone calls/e-mails which saves us time and thus keeps staffing costs down. Because we can make SMS bookings from the system we don't have to spend time on the phone or the computer to our staff and crew.

PM also makes us look incredibly professional to our client base as they have their own booking pages. This means they can make bookings online, keep track of all shifts/events booked with us and keep a track of invoicing and they can also change their bookings as they see fit - this is invaluable to us and the clients as we don't have to go backwards and forwards with information, it's all there online for them to see.

As an all in one labour management solution, PM cannot be beaten and we couldn't operate without it.

Joseph Smith
Managing Director
Lippsinc Entertainment

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"Reduced my crewing time by half ... it's one tool I can't do without."
- Lawrence Raja (Avantage @ Central Pier, Docklands).

Personnel Manager has been a fantastic addition to the way we do crewing at Central Pier.

Managing shifts and booking crew via Personnel Manager has definitely made my life a bit easier and reduced my crewing time by half. Now I just make minimal phone calls for crewing and usually it's just to say hi.

There's so much you can do with the software and the most beneficial aspect of it for us is the SMS feature.

Also having access to the database wherever there's an internet connection gives me peace of mind and replacing sick crew at the last minute when I am not in the office has been less stressful.

There are just too many features and not enough space to rave about it all on here but one thing is for sure, it's one tool I can't do without.

Lawrence Raja
Avantage @ Central Pier, Docklands

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