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Once all shifts in a 'jobsheet' have been 'locked off', the Jobsheet on the Ops Homepage turns from red to black.

This means you can send the Invoice to your client. Simply click the invoice next to the jobsheet and enter the client's name and email address (it will always remember the last entry you made) and press send. This will turn the Invoice from red to green so you know you have sent it and will allow the sent invoice to appear on the Invoice Page.

The Invoice Page allows you to see all Invoices you have sent to clients, the amount owing, the date it was sent and the date it was locked. Once an invoice has been paid you 'lock' the invoice by pressing the padlock icon next to it (you can also lock multiple invoices at once). Whenever a deposit has been made to your account, you manually lock the relevant invoice. This allows you to see at a glance which clients have invoices outstanding, the invoice numbers, how much they owe and how long the invoices have been overdue. It makes it very easy to chase up outstanding funds.


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