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Staff Instructions

If you are a staff member of a company using the Personnel Manager online labour management system, the following information will be of benefit to you.

As a staff member you have the ability to communicate directly with the software in two ways:

  1. Online - You can login to your Crew Support Page where you can:
  2. SMS - You can send SMS messages directly to the software to:

Info for staff using Crew Support page - ONLINE

The Personnel Manager online system has been established to give you the freedom to directly liaise with your employer, via the internet, to advise which shifts you would like to accept and to enter the times that you will not be available to work.

The first step is to login to your Crew Support page.

Use the link provided by your client to get to the login page. It may look like or it may simply be a link from their website.

PM Login Box

Where it says "User Type - Please Select", select CREW.

Your MOBILE NUMBER is your username AND your password.

Tick the acceptance box and press LOGIN.

Once you have logged in you can change your Password to something more secure.

View all of your upcoming shifts

At the top of the screen click on the words Upcoming Jobs.

This will take you to a page which lists all the jobs that have been offered to you in the system.

Accept or decline shifts

Scroll to the very right of the screen. You will see the words Accept Shift.

If you have been offered a shift, under the words Accept Shift, click on the word Yes to accept or No to decline. Then click OK and you are booked.

If you have already accepted this shift you will see the word 'Confirmed' underneath.

Enter the hours you have worked

On the very left hand side of the Upcoming Jobs Page, you will see an icon that looks like an unlocked padlock Unlocked.

Once you have finished a shift, enter the correct finish time in the text box and then click the padlock icon to 'lock' your hours for that shift.

View other staff working on the same job Optional

Also on the Upcoming Jobs Page, if you scroll to the far right, each of the shifts has this icon. View other crew on this Job

Click this icon to bring up a list of the other staff members working with you on that particular shift and their mobile numbers. This will enable you to organise travel arrangements with these people, or you could know who to call if they are running late. (note, your employer has to have this feature switched on at their end to make it visible.)

Enter your unavailability (holidays, other commitments)

Click on the Unavailability tab at the top of the page.

Click Add a RecordAdd Unavailability

Fill in the details Date From/Time From and Date To/Time To.

To select the date you can either enter it manually in this format dd-mm-yy, or click on the calendar icon Calendar to open a calendar where you can select a day.

To enter a start/finish time, enter the time in this format 08:00. For 8am you could simply enter 8 and press tab and for 8:30am you could enter 8.3 and press tab.

If you select Make this entry a weekly unavailability for the next 6 months, you will appear unavailable for the next six months for the times and date entered. So if you entered unavailability for the following Monday from 18:00 until 23:00 (same day) and selected this feature, you will appear unavailable every Monday evening for the following six months.

Enter a reason for your unavailability and click GO.

View your previous shifts

Click the Past Jobs tab to view all of your past shifts for the previous four weeks.

View your last 4 weeks pay history Optional

Click the Pay Details tab to be able to see your last four weeks pay history.

If you are invoicing your employer, then you should check this feature on Monday mornings and invoice the exact amount set out in the totals column for the previous week.

You can check this page in order to ensure that all the times and shifts you have completed are correct.

Update your details

Click the Personal Details tab to update your details such as new address, email address, bank details, superannuation account.

Upload your photo

In the Personal Details section you can browse your own computer for a photograph of yourself to upload.

Upload any scanned documents

Click Personal Details and upload any important certificates such as Police Checks, Forklift Tickets, EWP Tickets, 1st Aid Certificates, Driver's Licenses, Security License, anything that your employer needs to keep on file.

Info for staff using SMS

The Personnel Manager software uses a designated SMS number to send messages to staff. We refer to it as the Incoming SMS No because it allows staff members to send messages to the software. It looks like an ordinary mobile number.

You can not call the Incoming SMS No, it is for text messages only.

Your SMS messages will come into the system as emails and they will communicate directly with the system.

A log is kept of all outgoing and incoming messages. If a message is a successful or unsuccessful send, that is recorded in the log.

It would be a good idea to save the Incoming SMS No to your phone.

Accept or Decline Shifts Via SMS

If you receive an SMS in the form of a question, asking you whether or not you are available for a certain shift, you can now reply via SMS directly to the database to either Confirm or Decline that shift.

This SMS will appear something like this:

"[309] Can you do - Wed 12-09 07:45am, until 18:00pm approx at The Hilton?"

In the above example, the first number you see, 309, is the shift number.

If you would like to do this shift, all you have to do is reply to the SMS you were sent with the shift number and a y for yes. There should be no spaces or any other text. If you cannot do the shift then reply to the sms with the shift number and a n for no. The 'y' or 'n' can be upper or lower case.

So if you received the above SMS and you wanted to accept the shift you would reply to the Incoming SMS No. with the following message:


If you received the above SMS and you wanted to decline the shift you would reply to the Incoming SMS No. with this message:


If you choose to accept a shift in this way, you will receive a 'Confirmation SMS' that will look like this:

"Confirmed: Wed 12-09, 07:45am until, 18:00pm approx, at The Hilton,
477 Pitt St, Sydney, SOB, Rob Hunt, 0412968317, cheers"

In the above message 15 mins has been deducted from the actual 'Call Time' to encourage you to be punctual. Also, the end time is approximate, please allow 4 hours after the estimated finish time in case the job takes longer than expected (unless you have another SHS booking).

If you had completed that job and you wanted to SMS in your hours; it went as long as expected with a half hour lunch break at 1300, you would SMS within an hour of your finish time the following text:

0800 1300 1330 1800

We may sometimes send a 'Question SMS' for one shift to multiple people to increase our chances of getting that shift booked quickly. If you receive a 'Question SMS' and reply with a 'y' (309y) but we have already given the shift to someone else, then you will receive a message that will look like this:

"Shift 309 is no longer available. Please stand by for more work. Cheers."

SMS Reminders

You may receive a reminder SMS sent to you at 1600 the day before your shift. It looks like this:

"Tomorrows Job: Wed 12-09, 07:45am until, 18:00pm approx, at The Hilton,
477 Pitt St, Sydney, SOB, Rob Hunt, 0412968317, cheers"

If you receive this message and you are unavailable for the shift, please contact your office ASAP to let them know.

Also, if your shift is due to begin between the hours of 2200 and 0800 (after hours) you may receive another reminder SMS shortly before your shift time. The purpose of this SMS is a last minute fail safe in case you have fallen asleep. Always leave your phone switched on, near you with the volume up if you have an after hours shift, in case you accidentally doze off. Your 'After hours Reminder SMS' will look like this:

"Reminder: Wed 12-09, 07:45am until, 18:00pm approx, at The Hilton,
477 Pitt St, Sydney, SOB, Rob Hunt, 0412968317, cheers"

SMS in Times at the End of Your Shift

Once you have finished work,shortly after your shift is completed; you can send an SMS to the Incoming SMS No detailing the hours you have just worked.

You can reply to any of the messages sent to you from the Incoming SMS No in order to achieve this.

The text message (SMS) should be in the following format.

Start Time (4 digits, 24hr time, no punctuation) Space (1 space only, no punctuation) Finish Time (4 digits, 24hr time, no punctuation)

If you had a break during your shift, you should SMS in the hours of your first shift and then your second shift, with a space in between.

You do not need to include your name, or any other information at all. You are in effect communicating with the database yourself and locking off your own shift, so your SMS needs to be in the correct format.


0800 1700

If you worked from 8am until 5pm straight through, without a break.


If you worked from 0800 till 1730 and had a half hour break at midday, your SMS should be sent in between 1630 and 1830 (at the latest) in the following format:

0800 1200 1230 1730

If you received two breaks, please SMS them in the same format. For example, if you started your shift at 0800 and finished at 2100, but you were given a 1hr break at 1200pm and another half hr break at 1800, then your SMS should look like this:

0800 1200 1300 1800 1830 2100

If you SMS an incorrect start time the system will not read your message.

If you SMS any other info than the info required such as 'Thanks', 'Great Client' the system will not read your message.

If you send your times through more than an hour after your finish time (or more than an hour before your finish time) then once again, the system will not automatically lock off your shift.

So with your mobile device, online or a combination of both, you now have the power to accept or decline work, lock off your shifts, view all of your employment details, upload any relevant documents or certification and enter your unavailability.


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