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Scheduling Staff Members

There are several ways to get the shifts booked from this point, you could just offer each different shift to a different person.

But a very simple way would be to start texting by selecting the "SMS?" button.

This will take you to a page which has the context (editable) of the SMS Message you are about to send to your staff and a list of all your staff members (that match the activity of the job). If the job is for 5 staff, you may choose to send it to 7 or 8 staff. You select the names of the staff you wish to send the SMS messages to and press send SMS. Staff that are already booked in this time slot have ** next to their name and staff that have made themselves unavailable have ## next to their name.

The system will wait 15mins (or however long you set it to) and send a Confirmed SMS to the highest ranked staff that accepted the job. If more than 5 staff accepted the job, the system will send a rejection message to the ones that were not successful.

At 1600pm the day before the job, your staff will receive a Reminder SMS with all the details of the job. At any stage your staff can login to the database themselves to see all their upcoming shifts. They can accept/decline shifts online and view their last 4 weeks pay history. They can also enter their unavailability, times they cannot work due to other committments.

Your staff can also view the other staff on a job with them. This gives them the ability to coordinate travel arrangements with these people. It also gives your supervisors the info they need to manage your staff without having to bother you. It will not show them the staff members working on any other jobs than the ones they are booked on.

When your staff have finished their shift, they can SMS through their hours in a certain format to 'lock off' their shifts. For example, if they started work at 8am and finished at 12pm, they would send an SMS to your Incoming SMS number like this: 0800 1200. This would automatically lock off the shift for you. Alternatively, your staff could log into the system themselves and 'lock off' their shifts online.

Once this has been done, the shifts will appear on the Payroll page.


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