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Personnel Manager Key Features

"Whether you are a labour hire company, a small company, or a large organisation with lots of staff, you can use the Global Settings feature to configure how the software will work for you." - David Neil, Director, Personnel Manager

All mentioned features come standard with software subscription

Optional features can be selected or deselected by you, the user. Optional features are indicated by the Optional icon.

  • Personnel Manager is a complete staff rostering system for all staffing requirements
  • Record the details of any Shift or Job
  • Job Date - Client - Time On - Time Off - Staff Member's Name (Drop Down Field) - Activity - Staff Member's Pay Rate - Charge Rate - Venue - Address - Onsite Contact Name - Onsite Contact Mobile Number - Notes, are all recordable in the software
  • Search for potential Staff by Availability, Skills, and Assets (Activities)
  • Automatic Creation of Quotes and Invoices for Labour Optional

Run Your Business Online

  • No ongoing contracts
  • Operate your business remotely from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Unlimited Users at no extra cost
  • All your data is safe even if your computer crashes or your network goes down
  • All data backed up every hour
  • Hosted on a professionally managed dedicated server
  • Secure SSL Certificate and high-grade encryption between your browser and the server
  • Effortlessly create and operate as many businesses as you like from within the one software platform
  • Upload your own Logo to appear on all pages of the software
  • User friendly easily train staff to manage your business on your behalf and keep an eye on them at all times

Replace your Whiteboard or Spreadsheets

  • Unique Online Webboard - Roster posted online Optional
  • Searchable by Date, Staff Member, Client (Account Manager)
  • Keep your staff updated with SMS notifications
  • All members of your organisation can log in with different levels of access (crew, client, manager, duty manager, admin)
  • Your Terms and Conditions can be copied and pasted to appear on the login page for each different type of user to accept
  • Instant updating of information. The moment you enter and save info it is online


  • Easily enter any Activities into the system and set default rates of pay and charge out rates
  • Each individual staff member can have their own unique rate of pay for each Activity
  • You could enter Hairdresser, Payroll Clerk, Teacher, Labourer, Fork Lift Driver, Interior Designer, anything at all.
  • You can select whether or not an Activity is a "Ticketed Activity". This will enable you to enter the license number and expiry date of any staff member's qualifications (these documents can also be uploaded to the system)
  • A warning will notify you if you attempt to book a person for a ticketed activity that their details have not been entered for


  • Input all data for a shift easily by 'Creating a Job Sheet'
  • Effortlessly recreate Jobsheets by entering the amount of days or weeks to repeat
  • Clients can create Jobsheets or they can be created by Admin and Business Managers
  • Assign your own reference numbers to Jobsheets
  • Once shifts have been entered they can be easily edited and updated on the Shifts Page
  • Simply select staff members from a drop down list and press Save or Save/SMS to automatically send a text message with all the details of the upcoming shift
  • Staff can view their upcoming shifts online with their own limited access
  • View Shifts as List or Calendar or Graph
  • Search only Unconfirmed Shifts to easily bring up those shifts yet to be booked
  • Edit All Shifts (edit one or multiple Shifts easily)
  • Search Shifts by Client, Date, Staff Member
  • View, Edit, SMS, Lock, Unlock, Delete, Restore all shifts
  • Total Tally of hours and number of shifts displayed
  • "Admin Lock" shifts to prevent Managers editing the details


  • Employees/Contactors wages are automatically calculated
  • Once a shift is 'locked' (past) it is sent to the payroll page
  • As many different rates for as many different activities can be entered for automatic calculation
  • Each Staff Member can have unique pay rates for any activity you assign
  • Only Administrator has access to the Payroll Page
  • All Staff can view their last 4 weeks pay history online (contractors know exactly how much to invoice)
  • Total weekly hours for all businesses automatically calculated
  • Search by Business, Pay Week, Staff Member

Time Sheet - Online

  • Staff can edit or save the hours they have worked
  • Staff can accept or confirm bookings online
  • Time Sheet automatically saved and sent to payroll
  • Administrator can overrule any data input by staff member
  • Time Sheet feature can be switched on or off in Global Settings

Double Booking Filter

  • Displays a warning when the same Staff member is accidentally put on two Shifts at the same time or with overlapping times

Long Shift Warning

Displays a warning if a Staff member has been booked on two shifts without a suitable time between shifts if the first shift is a very long shift. For example, a warning will be displayed if you book a staff member for an 18 hrs shift and then the next morning. (Optional - you input the presets length of long shift and length of required following break)

SMS Functionality

  • SMS requests sent out to multiple Staff to check availability
  • SMS Confirmation of Shifts by SMS Optional
  • SMS Reminders are sent automatically to Staff at 16:00 the day before their shift Optional
  • After Hours - SMS Reminders are sent out before a shift at a time set by you. For example, an SMS Reminder sent out to all Staff for a Shift commencing at 01:00am at exactly 12:30am, an hr before their shift Optional
  • Infinity SMS - requests sent out to a set number of staff at regular intervals until the job is booked automatically
  • Staff can be ranked
  • Staff can be automatically booked by SMS in order of ranking OR first in best dressed

Incoming SMS Functionality

  • Staff can Accept or Decline jobs by responding to SMS
  • Staff can directly put in their hours by texting them in to the database
  • All incoming SMS messages will come through to your system as emails so you can have multiple staff managing bookings from remote locations

Multiple Users

As many people as you like can operate the software simultaneously at no extra cost.

Multiple Businesses (Additional Cost)

Effortlessly create and operate as many Businesses as you like from within the one software platform.

Incompatible Client/Staff Member

This feature enables you to make certain Staff Members Incompatible with certain Clients.

It removes them from the booking list when you book Staff for these clients. This way they will never accidentally be put on jobs for those clients again.

Online Login for Staff

  • Online Log In for all Staff to view their Upcoming Shifts and Last 4 weeks Pay History
  • All Staff can view names and mobile numbers of other staff on their shift Optional. This means staff can arrange to travel to work together, supervisors have a list automatically posted on the site
  • Online Time Sheet, all Staff can lock off their own shifts online Optional
  • All Staff can enter their Unavailability online, this saves you from checking each individual staff member's availability
  • Staff can upload their photograph for their ID Card
  • Staff can upload their own details - change of address, bank details, super, email address etc. An email is sent to admin upon update
  • Staff can upload documents to be stored in the system such as 1st Aid Certificates, Police Checks, Driver's Licenses, Security Licenses, Tickets, Certifications

Online Login for Clients

  • Clients Login to make bookings Online
  • All Clients can Log In to view their Upcoming Shifts
  • All Clients can Log In to view their Invoices
  • Clients (or internal project managers) can view entire company roster (Webboard Optional)
  • Select shifts by Job Number
  • Download Invoices
  • Search for available Staff Members using Date, Skills, and Availability
  • Clients can be given permission to book your staff themselves Optional
  • Clients can be given permission to view staff details Optional
  • Clients can be given permission to view their own payroll Optional

Future Upgrades

  • Evolving software constantly being adapted to meet clients needs
  • MYOB Integration - export payroll to accountancy software
  • Seamless integration of new technology
  • All upgrades tested
  • Online technical support
  • Requests for upgrades will be considered

Skype Integration

Call or SMS all Staff using Skype. If you have Skype installed on your computer, and you have Skype Credit, you can simply click any phone number in the system to call it.

Optional Features

The user has the ability to switch many features on or off. These features are indicated by the Optional icon.


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