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"... saves you time and it makes it impossible for anyone in your organization to make a mistake."

Personnel Manager has four different levels of user:

  • Admin - Top level of access granting the 'superuser' complete control over all aspects of their business including passwords, invoicing, wages and the 'Global Page' where they can customise the software to work specifically the way they require it to.
  • Duty Manager - same as admin but without sensitive info such as money or codes.
  • Manager - has the ability to manage individal companies within Personnel Manager.
  • Client - where your clients/account managers can enter bookings and review all their upcoming shifts.
  • Crew - where your staff can accept/decline shifts, view all upcoming shifts and their payroll for the previous 4 weeks as well as enter their unavailability.

The way it works is firstly a client (or you or a staff member of yours) puts the booking through online. They go to a website and enter their codes Usertype - Client, Username and Password and follow the simple prompts. This enters the necessary data into the system and sends both you and your client a confirmation email with all the details. The system remembers all information inputted so things like mobile numbers and addresses only ever have to be put in once.

The two advantages of this is it saves you time and it makes it impossible for anyone in your organization to make a mistake.


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